Davis Blocks/Stars Quilt

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Davis Blocks/Stars Quilt
  • Accession number: 
  • Top: 
    Tumbling blocks/stars (patchwork); embroidery. Materials are silk.
  • Interlining: 
    Wool batting
  • Backing: 
    White silk
  • Binding: 
    Green silk
  • Stitching: 
    Hand; embroidery believed hand, but possibly machine
  • Dimensions: 
    78" x 88"
  • Date: 
    ca. 1864
  • Maker: 
    Various women, including Varina Howell Davis
  • Location: 
    Believed Richmond, Virginia
  • History: 

    According to Varina Howell Davis, this quilt was made for Jefferson Davis “during the stormiest part of our War for State rights and liberty.  Every piece was made by a different person, and the embroidery was made with little odd pieces of sewing silk which could be found left over our years of ease and plenty.  Mr. Davis valued it so much that once when he was sleeping under it, he recognized the fact and asked to have it taken off, ‘put away with lavender,’ an old fashioned manner of saying ‘with great care.’”

  • Provenance: 
    Varina Howell Davis, one of the makers and wife of the original owner. January 1895.

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